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Personalized Video Stories

Things Everyone Should Include in Personalized Video Stories

Whether it’s a wedding, eulogy, or family reunion video stories, telling a personal tale about your life and family is a wonderful keepsake. You can create personalized video stories to commemorate special moments, capture a memory to make it last, and to document important times in your life. When it comes to creating your video story, what are some key things to include? Read on to learn more about what you should always add, whether it’s family reunion video stories or something else.

  • Intro: Every video story needs an introduction, so make sure you say something at the beginning to let the viewer know what’s next. For example, talk to the camera and tell it exactly what the video is about, what date or dates it covers, and why you made the video.

  • Photos: While videos are moving pictures, it’s also nice to include a slideshow or a montage of photographs in personalized video stories. Select some of your favorite and most sentimental photos and add them to your presentation. You can showcase the photos at the beginning, the end, or sprinkle them throughout your video to create a beautiful keepsake.

  • Music: Not everyone likes to have background music in their videos, but it can really make your finished product a lot more engaging. Pick your favorite songs or choose a few tunes that the whole family loves so it’s a lot more fun to watch.

  • Guests: If you’re making a video for someone special, consider adding a few guest videos to the final production. Your guest videos can be short snippets of some of your closest friends and family members. Guest videos are great for wishing someone a happy birthday or when you want to ask people to say something kind as a eulogy for someone who has passed.

  • As an in-house experienced vocalist and lyricist, I will also collaborate and work with the customer to create personalized lyrics to the background music of a favorite song, will customized the lyrics of a popular song or one of my own to choose; and/or will produce and perform a video song that further personalizes the video story or to honor the couple is customized to celebrate an wedding anniversary, milestone birthday or life celebration that can be used as a part of the program.

  • Photo Books: EM Designed Photo Books are great gifts for birthdays, the Holidays or as keepsakes. Select favorite/theme colors, some of your favorite and most sentimental, memorial photographs or sayings, remembrances or written greetings to personalize the photo book story as a keepsake.  Photo Books are in published in hard covers and are beautifully personalized and designed. 

Considered these main components for your personalized video stories and you’ll have a beautiful treasure that lasts for years to come.

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