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Stories to Celebrate during stay at home times with Video Greetings or and that tell Stories of Celebrations in recognizing Anniversaries, Birthdays, Graduations, Retirements, Reunions and Sports  


Euphie Magic creates video stories that celebrate the special times in the lives of people despite during the Covid-19 pandemic for those who are physically unable to be with family and friends; and video stories not specific to stay at home times to celebrate special occasions; i.e. Anniversaries, Funerals, Graduations, Weddings, etc.


Euphie Magic video stories are created in a personalized way as told by the host or hostess in completing and submitting a brief profile that identifies the favorite music genre, song and personality traits unique to the honoree. 


Euphie Magic Video Stories consists of two types:

Video Stories with EM Video Features that are perfect during these stay at home times that include:

Video Stories without EM Video Features that may be used to celebrate any time that include:

The Euphie Magic Creative Director and Owner has been creating video stories to celebrate special occasions of her family and friends for twenty years. As a singer and lyricist for thirty plus, she has always put a personal touch on the songs performed by her during celebrations that were unique to the honoree by customizing the lyrics specific to him or her.  In assessing her status during the state's stay at home order, the  Euphie Magic designer began to wonder how she could use her creative skills as a service.  Then the birthday of a family member approached as the first during the pandemic and it was suggested by her niece that each family member produce a video with a birthday greeting to celebrate her daughter's 17th birthday.  She wanted to present them to her as a private gift.  Instinctively the EM Designer offered to collect the video greetings from family members and friends and decided to organize them along with photos.  As the G-Aunt of the birthday girl who wanted to prepare something special,  background music of the birthday girl's favorite music artist was added to view and feature photos of her from birth to present.  For my guest video greeting submission, I customized the lyrics and sang the song "Angel" by Chaka Kahn which happened to be her name.  This labor of love produced and created a magic  Video Story and keepsake that her g-niece says she will cherish forever. 

The in-house experienced vocalist and lyricist will collaborate and work with the customer to create personalized lyrics to the background music of a favorite song, will customized the lyrics of a popular song or one of my own to choose; and/or will produce and perform a video song that further personalizes the video story or to honor the couple is customized to celebrate an wedding anniversary, milestone birthday or life celebration that can be used as a part of the program.


Considered these Video Song features for your personalized video stories and you’ll have a beautiful treasure that lasts for years to come.  So....... why not gift an Euphie Magic Video Story for someone you love and are being social distanced from and want to celebrate their life.


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