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Stormy Weather and Blu Won't DoCASSANDRA
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  The Euphie Magic Owner, Creative Director, 

My name is Cassandra Wilkinson Lighty and I create personalized video stories, designs and  customized websites. My early story being raised in Virginia is shared on About the Vocalist and Lyricist Page.  But I am a graduate of Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland where I received a Bachelors degree of Science in Urban Studies and a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia where I received my Masters in Urban and Regional Planning.  A few months after graduation I interviewed and obtained a position as a Federal employee for the U.S. Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration in Philadelphia, PA where for 25 years I worked as a Community Planner responsible for six states in New England. 

My position as a federal worker enabled me to use my creativity in various ways. I was able to not only  pursue my dreams as a vocalist and lyricist with my band; but traveled and was given the opportunity to perform with a live guest band that was featured during our agency's annual conference receptions. In honing in on my design skills, as Editor in chief of my regional office's newsletter, I was able to design formats for the articles and presentations.  Also as a seamstress who designed and created her own clothes,  I often stood out and remained uniquely me whether in urban Philadelphia or rural Aroostook County, Maine.  In other words, this Gemini marched to a different drummer despite my mostly introvert ways and was able to bring about positive change by diversifying local and state planning processes.  I was respected for my brutal honesty and sense of humor that enabled me to connect with people and to address issues that were controversial.  I also paid close attention to detail important in being empathetic along with being observant and an avid listener which resulted in my effectively fighting and obtaining funding for projects.  A large part of my job as a Community Planner was to not only assist the staff funded to serve the communities in the distressed areas of my assigned states; but to conduct field evaluations to interview and assess the effectiveness of the work being performed. Those I interviewed consisted of a variety of participants from governors, city, state and local officials to farmers, small business owners, university faculty, students. CEOs of companies and long time local residents; and there were a lot of wonderful stories shared with me.

However, although I enjoyed my years working with the economic development organizations, their staff and communities, the politics at that time resulted in a toxic home office environment which made it unbearable for me to continue thriving, remaining truthful and productive.  So as all good things must come to an end,  It was time to go. So in September 2005, I accepted an early retirement package so on I went to the next chapter.  It appears my purpose has always been to utilize the skills I've described to help people and to assist communities in some way, but my passion has always been about my music.  What I do now allows me to do both by celebrating lives through my video stories, music and designs, a culmination of who and what I am; and I would like to hear your stories of celebration to share or to design magic for them.


A couple of months after retiring, my husband and I assumed the caretaker responsibilities for my mother who moved in with us from Maryland.  At the time, I thought I was so unprepared to take this on but for me and my husband the decision to have her go live in a nursing home was not an option. Barely six months after moving in with us, my mother had a life threatening accident which required a lot of care and patience on my part.  But despite the challenges every thing and all I had been prepared to be with the grace of GOD, she flourished under our care for 12 years til she passed in 2018. I was in awe of my mother's strength and endurance despite her disability and it inspired me to capture and document my mother's history in a series of video stories by era to the music of that time.  I presented it to her for her 80th birthday and I'm proud to say it was a gift she treasured which is now accessible to her great grandchildren.      

Finally, you may ask, what are the origins for the name of your company?  My mother, whose name was "Euphesenia" from the word "Euphrosyne (Joyfulness)" after one of the three Greek daughters of Grace in Greek Mythology. She was nicknamed "Euphie" for short by friends and family. She was an extraordinaire woman who suffered but triumphed in all areas despite her lifelong bipolar condition so this will be a way for me to keep her name alive in the universe.  My mother's favorite color was purple and she lived her life by her faith in GOD but she gained her energy from what she described as "moon time"; thus the symbolism shown throughout my website. My mother was my biggest supporter who admired my creative video stories and designs.  She loved to hear me sing and for me to sing to her and was mesmerized by the way I'd customize original lyrics to songs to perform them to celebrate someone's birthday including hers.  And so because my mother thought what I created was magic; thus the name of my company "EUPHIE MAGIC in her honor. 

As a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. where I pledged at Morgan State University, Alpha Gamma Chapter, as an alumni I've created projects for my line, the "Divine 9" of historic Black Sorority and Fraternities, my graduating class and other other alumni groups including my high school class of '70 from I.C. Norcom High School in Portsmouth, Virginia by creating and administering websites towards preparing, planning and implementing milestone reunions.  For over 15 years, I have designed the logos and graphics for my Sorority line's tee shirts, banners and jackets shown on this page. Not only do I service the described organizations but as the Wilkinson family Video Story teller, I have also designed programs, flyers, banners, page ads memorial and birthday photo collages; and created, documented

and presented celebration designs for family reunions and my favorite Sports team , the Philadelphia Eagles.  Also on display have been my video story tributes on social media not only for those of family and friends; but of my extended family on Facebook.  For 22 years, I've done this as labor of love; and now want to do the same for those of you who want to connect and/or celebrate love ones especially during these times of a pandemic that have kept us apart from them.  Here's hoping you will be inspired to allow me to create magic for someone you love or plan to celebrate.  Why not allow me to perform "Euphie Magic" for your life celebration or design. 


My Euphie Magic designs are created to personalize, celebrate, honor, acknowledge, pay tribute, recognize and/or memorialized that someone special in your life whether it be an extended family member, spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, son, daughter, sister or brother; a group or organization like a sorority, fraternity, club or an individual who is retiring, celebrating a milestone such as a birthday or wedding anniversary or whose life is being celebrated or featured as a part of a group or organization.  Each customer expressing interest in purchasing a EM Video Story, Design or Service is required to complete an EM Inquiry Form for that Video Story or Design Service to start the purchasing process. As the contact person or host/hostess, you will be required to complete and submit a form that identifies you as the main contact(s) or purchaser. (Steps to Make an EM Purchase)

My EM Video Story Request forms are a part of the intake to learn as much about the person, group or honoree to tell the story through their favorite music, photographs and personal video greetings from those close to them especially during this time of the pandemic.  As special features to my EM Video Stories, the pages are designed with a submitted Intro video from the host or hostess, and submission of an up to 2 minute video submitted by guests invited as a part of the celebration, and a personalized song in a video brief like the one personalized for Stephanie below that presented as a video song could be used in the absence of a singer for virtual weddings or other celebration events.  The EM Vocalist & Lyricist also will collaborate with with purchasers in customizing or personalizing lyrics to their favorite songs or creating new ones to celebrate a loved one or guest of honor. EM Video Stories also celebrate without the use of the EM video features as requested for services in Gallery 1 or Gallery 2 but through designed page(s) using the honoree's or group's favorite music in the background as presented with any submitted photographs.


My EM Request Form for Design Services uniquely customizes and personalizes the following products or service:

Below are some of the examples of "Euphie Magic" designs consisting of my first business card,  a personalized song by the EM Lyricist and Vocalist and designs created for tee shirts and jackets to celebrate the milestone anniversaries of my line: 





Song 1 -  Stormy Weather by Thomas Adderly, Vocal & Lyrics Cassandra and Rap by Kameelah

Song 2 - Blu Won't Do by House of 530, Vocal & Lyrics Cassandra

cover Label Sheet1.png

My first designed logo & business card

530 Business Card.jpg

Example of a Personalized Song


Designs for Sorority line Anniversary Wear

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